CTN’s Website Policy

  1. Churches Together in Northampton (CTN) provides a free-to-use website, and a free-subscription complementary email service

  • The purpose of these is to enable churches and Christian organisations in NORTHAMPTON to share their news and activities with one another. This gives a basis for mutual prayerful support.
  • A major aim of CTN is to encourage and enable churches to work together (ecumenically). The website and email service will therefore gratefully publicise news and details of all information which promotes this aim – including events or news generated by CTN.
  • The editor will accept events or news from individual organisations or churches in Northampton, if these are deemed to be of wider interest.
  • CTN will not publicise an individual church’s Sunday service. Ecumenical services may be advertised at the editor’s discretion (see footnote).
  • The website may carry news or events from outside of Northampton when these things are of potential benefit to Northampton churches and Christian organisations.

Footnote: As a general rule, the editor will take decisions based on the above policy. Where the editor is unsure what action to take, the officers and/or enabling group of CTN will be consulted. With this safeguard, the editor’s decision will be final. When a request to post an item on the CTN website is rejected, whenever possible the reason will be given.