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A word of encouragement

Lee Russell was a serving police officer for 30 years. Now, he is the executive director of the Christian Police Association. He shared his thoughts with the Bible Society: “I’m proud of our officers. But it’s really difficult being slightly on the side lines,...

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News from the HOPE Centre

Dear Friend, As you may be aware, we have had to cancel or postpone most of our events for this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. We are struggling so much at the moment and know that this year is going to be one of the hardest we have ever faced as a...

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Rob Parsons, founder of Care for the Family, says there are significant changes taking place in the organisation. To listen to Rob explain these, watch the video below

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Domestic Abuse – Coronavirus

People’s day to day life has drastically altered due to the coronavirus pandemic. New measures to tackle the disease means people are social distancing and self isolating. These changes are essential to beat coronavirus and protect our NHS; but the order to stay at...

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Dear Friend We’ve been hearing that many of you are finding more time than usual to read God’s word at the moment. And it’s great to hear what a source of strength, comfort and hope you are finding it to be.  Whether you’re reading at random, focusing on a...

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Mental Health Support

Northamptonshire has launched its very first Integrated Mental Health Response Hub - a 24/7 telephone support system for our community. If you are feeling anxious or stressed or feeling that you need a bit of support with your mental wellbeing, you can get support...

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Helpful information about The Local Resilience Forum

What is the LRF? The Local Resilience Forum is made up from key organisations across Northamptonshire such as emergency services, health and local authorities who put in place plans under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. These organisations are now operating within...

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