What is the LRF?

The Local Resilience Forum is made up from key organisations across Northamptonshire such as emergency services, health and local authorities who put in place plans under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. These organisations are now operating within the strategic coordinating centre to respond to this pandemic. As part of this response, volunteers are our key links providing the vital support needed by our communities.

Support Line

We continue to receive calls from members of the public who need help, so please promote the number where you can to anyone who needs assistance and help to support Northamptonshire’s vulnerable residents. As a reminder, the dedicated support line is: 0300 126 1000 (option 5)

Reaching Out to the Vulnerable

The Community Resilience Hub has significantly expanded its outreach team, who are calling everyone in the county who appears on the government’s shielded list of the most vulnerable, to make sure they are okay and aware of the help they can get. In order to get through the 16,000 plus names on the list, we’ve brought on board many members of staff from the around the county, mainly from the library service, some working from home, some in libraries or the council offices, and so far we’ve reached around a quarter of the list.

Not surprisingly some of the calls go unanswered and if we have no luck after a few attempts, our colleagues at the Northants Emergency Response Corps (NERC) send some visitors around to check. Earlier this week they had their first batch of 64 people to visit and, thanks to some splendid planning on their part, the whole task was completed in two hours and everybody was successfully accounted for.


Northamptonshire ACRE have created a map of all existing and pop up groups and have managed to map over 200 groups across the County, which shows the enormous amount of support available across Northamptonshire. The map is not drawn from the Community Resilience groups that are registered with the County Council, so if your group is missing or you would like to update the contact information for your group please email [email protected]