Walk, Pray, Talk is a short five-part resource from the Evangelical Alliance, which can be used in small groups or amongst Christian friends. It unpacks how we can be praying for the community in which we live and creating mission opportunities for those on our doorstep. It focuses on exploring prayers through the themes of:

  • Plugging in – being intentional in both prayer and mission opportunities where we live
  • People of God – sensing God’s call to use each of us powerfully amongst our friends and in our neighbourhoods
  • Being Present in your community – seeking out prayer needs and interceding for others
  • Participating in God’s plan for those around you – catching the wave of where God’s spirit is already at work around us
  • Caring for Place and people – seeing these opportunities for prayer and mission as part of our worship to God

More details on Walk-Pray-Talk are available online.

View the promo video here on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/Lf7zI6N611M