There are good reasons to celebrate CTE’s thirty years since it’s inauguration,

CTE’s national church membership has almost doubled, with many Pentecostal churches joining in more recent times. At its birth in 1990 there were three Orthodox churches in membership, now there are nine; there were six Pentecostal churches or networks in 1990, now there are eighteen, and absent in 1990 were any of the New Churches, but now we have three in membership. A full list of our 50 Member Churches can be found on our website

This growth in membership has stretched CTE to a very broad representation of the character of English Christianity, matched by our growing number of Bodies in Association (organisations who work ecumenically) – now standing at more than 50.

But that is only half the story. With local Churches Together groups in villages, towns and cities across the country giving on-the-ground expression to ecumenical life, supported by fifty-five Intermediate Bodies working at a county (or sometimes city) level, the DNA of the pilgrimage model runs through every level.