Dear Friend   Our new Easter booklet for children is available to pre-order. All About Easter: A Resurrection Rhyme was written by Bob Hartman and features vibrant illustrations by Mark Beech.   Based on chapter 24 of Luke’s Gospel, this booklet is a good conversation starter to help children explore what is truly exciting about Easter. There are four pages of thought-provoking and fun family activities too.  If you’re looking for an Easter giveaway for children in your church and community, there are discounts available when you order in bulk. We pray this booklet is a useful resource as you celebrate Easter this year.   

Knowing that many families are likely to be celebrating Easter in lockdown, we’ve also generated a whole range of game, activity and craft suggestions to help you delve deeper into the themes of the children’s booklet. Enjoy! 
PS: Check out the full range of Easter resources available this year.

Racial Justice Sunday – 14 February We spoke to our BAME Church Engagement Manager Victoria Lawrence about racism and how Christians ought to respond. This Sunday is a chance to do an ‘MOT of the heart’, she says – let’s be confident enough in Christ to face our shortcomings!      My Bible Reasons to believe in the power of the Bible ‘I work part-time. I cover the childcare costs, which are expensive. But recently, I was trying to work more hours because I needed more income. I was asked if I wanted to do the children’s work for my church. I’ve got two children, but that’s not my world.  ‘So, I googled “Bible and children”. Remembering passages from the Bible doesn’t come naturally to me. There were ten different things, but the one I remember was from Romans 10.14. It says … Read more