Lee Russell was a serving police officer for 30 years. Now, he is the executive director of the Christian Police Association. He shared his thoughts with the Bible Society:

“I’m proud of our officers. But it’s really difficult being slightly on the side lines, watching your friends and colleagues on the front line.

‘Every day, I read the same verse from the Bible. It’s by my computer all the time. It’s Galatians 6.9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”.

‘This is the most massive encouragement for me, but also for everyone. By staying at home, we are doing good, helping our neighbours, helping the NHS. It’s such an appropriate verse for now. 

‘First responders in the emergency services are going to worry. They are short on sleep. They are anxious about their health. Our officers in the UK have found that there’s a reduction in crime and disorder, but there are concerns around a rise in neighbour disputes and domestic abuse. They are dealing with that and thinking about their personal protection as they do it.

‘I’ve shared this verse with our members. I wanted to encourage them. It’s about not becoming weary. That’s the encouragement. Everyone has pulled together, haven’t they? Everyone needs to continue to do that. The restrictions will feel more difficult the longer they are applied. We are social people after all. But, we have to hold on and keep doing the good to save lives.’