Wonderful YOUTH: ‘No Outsiders’
Five Biblical sessions created for Black History Month to empower young people between the ages of 13 and 16 to become ‘The best that you can be’    ‘No Outsiders’ uses five examples from Luke’s gospel which emphasise Jesus’ inclusive nature – one who welcomes, walks with and heals individuals who, at the time, would have been looked down upon or shunned. The choices that Jesus makes go against the accepted way of doing things and seek to involve and affirm people who are outsiders.  

Wonderful Youth helps young people to apply Jesus’ example to life today and see how his agenda should be our agenda – by including outsiders, affirming the oppressed, giving voice to the silenced, setting modern-day captives free.

The aim of Wonderful Youth: to equip young black and minority ethnic people to appreciate and love God’s Word.  Designed to be used during Black History Month in October 2019, Wonderful Youth also provides a window of opportunity for churches and youth groups to explore and
celebrate some of the historical and current unique contributions from
people of colour.

Wonderful Youth is available to download free of charge from the Baptist Union website.  You are invited to use this material with the young
people in your church this October – or at another time to suit your church’s diary. 

Please pass this information to all youth leaders.