Join a study group on Climate Change


A scientific paper published recently- investigates the very hot summer weather and greatly increased rainfall many of us have been experiencing in recent years, and relates this to anthropogenic (caused by human activity) Climate Change.  You can read the full report here: though you need to be aware that it contains a good deal of scientific and technical language.  Its publication was reported (without the technical language!) in several newspapers. For example  The value of such studies is that they avoid the opposite mistakes of saying, on the one hand, that nothing is proven, so nothing needs to be done, and on the other hand, that everything is fully known, and there is nothing more to be learned.

We would like to form a group to study this paper, and then to contact our local Members of Parliament about our findings (in other words we want this to be a group that takes action).  If you would be interested in joining this, please let us know, and we will work out a good time for the group to begin meeting.  We hope to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Peter and Mary West,

15, High Street, Wymington, near Rushden, NN10 9LS

Phone: 01933 315724

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