THE BIBLE SOCIETY have produced their latest Bible, the Good News Bible – Youth Edition!

THE BIBLE SOCIETY are excited to introduce their latest Bible, the Good News Bible – Youth Edition

In collaboration with Youth for Christ TBS have created a special edition designed with young people, for young people.

The Bible includes

·         links to a dedicated YouTube playlist with 30 videos unpacking key themes and issues

·         hundreds of interactive elements throughout the Bible

·         space for writing, doodling and drawing

·         a full-page introduction to each book of the Bible

·         32 colour pages of key things to know about the Bible and help with tough topics

One of the best parts of creating this edition was hearing from young people themselves


‘I wish I’d owned this Bible when I was growing up,’ says Ruth Jackson, Editor of Premier Youth and Children’s work magazine.

‘The translation is really clear and the extra content is so helpful. It brings context and clarity to difficult biblical concepts and provides opportunity for questioning,​ reflection and interactivity. Perhaps this Bible would make a perfect Christmas gift for a young person you know, or for your entire youth group!

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