On each Friday afternoon in the month at 2.00pm we are hosting different activities focusing on improving our mental health and well-being.
First Friday in the month – Singing Together. We all know that singing can lift the spirits and give us the feel good factor. Singing with a group of people just for fun can enhance the experience, so do come along and join in.
Second Friday in the month – Creative Crafting. Getting Creative and exploring with others how we can use our creative skills to open us up to new things, and in being creative discover more about what makes us tick.
Third Friday in the month – Happiness and Well-being Café. It’s good to talk. Getting together with others can be something of a lost art. Our Happiness cafe is just an opportunity to come together to chat and listen to each other’s stories.
Fourth Friday in the month – Conversations & Reminiscence. Conversations & Reminiscence is a time when we can just sit and chat about times past, how things used to be done and in general remember things from our childhood. It may be a time to learn something new. Dementia Friendly

All are welcome to any or all of these activities. There is no charge but donations towards costs are always welcome.

Volunteers to help run these initiative would always be very welcome.