Pray in 2020 on the 20th of each month at 20:20 for 20 minutes. This is the invitation from HOPE Together to Christians of all denominations.
HOPE’s executive director Roy Crowne says, “Through Prayer 2020 we are asking God to work through all that is done in 2020 – personal witness; church outreach plans in villages, towns and cities; stadium events – evangelisation in all its many forms. Already this is catching the imagination of Christians around the world. 2020 is such a significant year and Prayer 2020 will be a key part of the year.”
Prayer 2020 bookmarks and business cards are available to remind you to pray – they are ideal inserts for Christmas cards! In the New Year, HOPE Together will be providing more Prayer 2020 resources that churches can use: a video to inspire prayer, monthly reminders on social media, plus suggestions for prayers to pray…

Continue reading about Prayer 2020 on our web page… You can also visit the visit Hope’s Prayer 2020 web page.