NCS volunteers to support churches and communities in Northampton

National Citizen Service (NCS) is coming to Northampton this autumn. This means we can help Northampton organisations with their community projects and local needs.

  • If you’ve got a decoration or renovation project to complete
  • If you’ve got an outdoor space to develop or enhance
  • If your community needs support with social issues or groups
  • If your organisation needs support to raise awareness or rally support
  • If you have a room or venue a team of volunteers could work from

then we could assign you a team of inspirational students this October. And it won’t cost you a penny.

NCS is a government-backed youth development scheme that helps 16-17 year olds develop valuable skills for work and life and improve their sense of social responsibility. Young people taking part in the programme spend time living away from home building their confidence, independence and teamwork skills before spending four days back in their local area delivering a project that will benefit their community – we call this ‘social action’.

Social action can be a huge variety of things ranging from physical hands-on projects to more awareness and campaign based ventures. You can either present an opportunity for volunteers to support or you can allow them the chance to come up with one themselves. NCS regularly supports churches and community halls across the country, helping with indoor renovations, outdoor enhancements or campaigns to support the homeless, and we hope you might like to benefit from something similar.

Social action volunteers are staffed with adult mentors, so you would not be required to supervise the volunteers yourself.  The students would work on your project or from your venue over 4 days at the end of October.

If you would like to learn more or submit an opportunity for a social action team please contact Cheryl Barrows on 01522 574133 or at your very earliest convenience.

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