Get ready for Debt Week! 
23 November – 1 December

People are relying on credit cards and loans to make ends meet and to buy food and everyday essentials. If you get caught in a spiral of debt it’s almost impossible to get out.

Right now, we’re experiencing the highest ever levels of personal debt on record (a staggering £217bn). We must urgently end the debt trap.

Last year thousands of us took action during Debt Week and this winter your support is needed more than ever.   Click here to get involved
One in four people in the UK are struggling with debt
There’s a whole industry that preys on people in this situation, charging
them enormous interest rates.Earlier this year, the body that regulates
the banks – the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), reviewed the rules around debt but they did virtually nothing to stop rip-off lending.
It’s not good enough.

During Debt Week this year we will petition the government to put
pressure on them to make sure they act. We’ll run stalls and events across the UK and collect petitions and personal stories of debt, delivering them to the FCA and the government so they can really see the impact the debt trap is having on people’s lives.  

Sign up to take part in Debt Week – we will send you an action pack with leaflets, posters and more:   Request your action pack   Thank you.