Is your church sight loss friendly?

“Sight loss or visual impairment should not be a barrier to attending church. Sometimes it is, but it shouldn’t be.”

Could your church join us at Torch Trust as we work to ensure people living with sight loss are fully included and valued in church life?

We know that churches want to give everyone the best possible welcome – but it can be hard to work out just how to do that.

People with sight loss can easily feel unable to join in with or attend church, leading to a lack of community support and human connection. Becoming part of Sight Loss Friendly Church means that we can help you give the warmest welcome to people with sight loss, making your church a place where they can thrive.

It’s actually very simple for churches to make quite small changes so that everyone feels fully included.

Most of these require only a little thought and preparation. By signing up to become a member of Sight Loss Friendly Church, you’ll gain access to a wealth of help, support and advice from Torch; experts with over 60 year’s experience. And it’s completely free!

We can help make your ministry accessible.

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