In Hope’s ‘social supermarket’ or Food Club, people on low incomes and benefits can join a club, allowing them to buy food and other goods at normally 25% of shop prices. We also give some things away free!

We distribute food through community centres and hubs in Northampton.



9 am at Blackthorn Community Centre,  Longmead Ct, Northampton NN3 8QD


11.00-12.00   Free2Talk Living Room, 14 Park Square, Fieldmill Road, Kingsheath, 

1.00-2:00pm Bellinge Community Centre, Billingmead Square, Bellinge NN3 9AQ

If you know someone who might benefit, please send them to us…… or ….

If you meet the criteria of being on benefits, just come down and register at a session



We urgently need volunteers to help run this project. These can include corporate groups or individuals. Please contact us via to make a real difference!

We NEED donations of food,  from any source, including churches, schools, shops and supermarkets – please contact us if you want to donate or bring to our warehouse – RiNG FIRST 08455199371.

Access details here: Biz Space: Kingsfield Way, off Gladstone way, Dallington, Northampton, behind the old Oliver Adams factory; turn left at the bend in Kingsfield way, then another 300m, then loading bays on the left, unit H4/A, just before the entrance to the Biz Space car park at the end of this road. Post code: NN57QF
Enter the warehouse corridor through the loading bay; walk straight to the end of the corridor, then turn right. Warehouse at the end of the corridor.