Greater Methodist/Anglican collaboration envisaged

Methodists to continue exploring a relationship of communion with Anglicans 

Press Release from the Methodist Church  2nd July 2018:

The Methodist Conference, meeting in Nottingham until July 5, has welcomed the Mission and Ministry in Covenant joint report by the Methodist Church and the Church of England. The report outlines proposals for bringing the Methodist Church and the Church of England into communion with each other.  If accepted the proposals would enable interchangeability between presbyteral ministries and see increased missional opportunities as the two churches work closer together to support the communities they serve.

The Revd Canon Gareth J Powell, Secretary of the Conference, commented: “These proposals seek to articulate common ground and to honour the differences between our Churches. This is not about each partner becoming more like the other but about discovering ways of being in a closer relationship with integrity, grace and generosity. “The path towards reconciliation is of great significance to all within our Churches and there are many steps that will be required to be undertaken by both Churches as we continue on this process of discernment.”

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