Starting in January 2020 on the third Friday of each month the Abbey Centre is hosting a Happiness/Well-being cafe from 13.30 – 15.30. We are currently looking for people to volunteer to help run this venture, either by being hosts, servers or just being there to engage in conversation. We want to create a space where it’s OK to be not OK. We shall be running 4 training sessions as follows:

14.00 Friday 20th September A Basic Introduction to Well-being

14.00 Friday 18th October A Level 1 Introduction to Safeguarding

14.00 Friday 15th November Sensitivity Awareness to Hidden Disabilities

14.00 Friday 20th December Practical arrangements for the cafe space

Then the cafe will open on Friday 17th January 2020. The training will take place in the Abbey Centre Chapel as will the well-being cafe space. Anyone interested in helping or just finding out more about this exciting new initiative should turn up on the first session on the 2oth September and contact David Warrington to let him know they are coming.

Creating space where it’s OK to be not OK